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Benjamin Moore paint now in Uk

Wondering if anyone has tried the Benjamin Moore paints now it is in the Uk? after watching many a video of our US colleagues using this paint and producing fantastic finishes I can`t wait to trial it especially their trim paints like advance!

Here is the link to the stockist in the UK

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On my next job ordering ceiling paint flat, looking forward to trying, looked on there website cant find stix waterborne bonding primer?

A few reviews from people who have used Ben moore paints UK so far indicate it being top quality and will be using again! Anyone here used any of it yet?

how did you get on with Benjamin?

Not used any personally but elsewhere people are reporting Ben Moore paints are a cut above anything in the UK at the moment :wink:

Have now used the Benjamin Moore Advance gloss and satin and can report it is every bit like oil base in application and finish but its water based. Best water based trim paint I have ever used covers easy in 2 coats over prepared painted surfaces. If you try it you will not regret it!

Hi Dazco,
i am interested to know if you have used this gloss and satin in white or colour?
Is it hybrid or acrylic?

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I have used it in white it is a Alkyd Enamel but not sure how it works but its water based no smell easy clean up, applies like a oil base paint and has amazing coverage, application and finish. Honestly nothing like it in the UK even if you just tried 1 litre you will not be disappointed!

A couple of pictures of Benjamin Moore Advance High Gloss in super white

A couple of pictures of Benjamin Moore Advance Satin in super white

Hi Dazco,

Ive heard great reviews about this,and have been in contact with Craig at Shaws paints,waiting for him to send a sample through,
was the timber previously painted? what system did you use, double coat the gloss?or use the primer ,as they say you tend to get a better finish ,and more depth to the finish if this is used,even on previously painted surfaces

In these pictures it was yellowed oil base gloss, prepped and 2 coats of the satin or gloss any bare wood was spot primed first :smile:

Just used it for the first time and its great, swapping from Mylands now.