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Best caulk in deep gap on stairs


Gouged out crack on stairs, thought about going over it but would have looked like a slope, any recommendations on good caulk that has a good track record
I think because off the depth I will have to fill in two goes, thanks in advance for any help. Cheers jason

Fat hog caulk works fine for me or you could try the new Dunlop acrylic filler on MPB site. When using fat hog caulk I tend to allow it to dry over night before over painting it.

Cracks on staircase strings are always subject to considerable movement as people walk up and down, far greater stresses than any other plaster to woodwork join.

Toupret Fibracryl is best flexible filler for this - I’d get a couple of tubes and apply in same way as caulk


Hi dave will this fill deep cracks in one go or is it best in two go,s.

data sheet on Toupret site says up to 10mm

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Thanks very much.

Any update on new caulk worth trying Isomatic-a illbruck ld730?