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Best dust sheets when painting

What are the best dust sheets for painting rooms looking to expand my decorating kit.Thanks :smiley: for any help given.

I use the big blue sheets from Trade 1st. They’re similar to the Trimaco One Tuff sheets - not quite as good but 1/4 the price. I also use lining paper around the edges of the room, a tip I learned from Andy Crichton on here! :slight_smile:

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Trust a painter to find a 75% off solution :slight_smile: Whats the difference between the 2 Charlie?

The only cotton sheets I would carry have the plastic backing. So that laid in the middle of the floor with the lining paper around the edge would be quite neat too. Sorry if I plagiarised myself with the lining paper there!

I was talking to Dave D9 and he thought he was the only one using lining paper till he saw the site. And then you see Kev Mapstone been using it for years, and you realise there are pockets of certain trade practice, just not widespread known before.


Andy you mean you don’t lay the cotton sheets to the edge,or you do and put lining paper around edge,on top of cotton sheets.I like using plastic tape you can work without worry.

I use the Shield plastic-backed sheets. Not cheap, but they do last a long, long time. I also use the large sheets of see-through plastic if I just want to cover something uneven or delicate, or that I’m not going to put anything onto.

Dulux own-brand are actually really good, decent thickness that means they’re reusable as they don’t tear easily. Even when I tape down with masking tape, eg if I want to hang them down from kitchen cupboards over a work surface, the tape will usually pull clean off when I’m finished.

To clarify, when masking floors.

I put masking tape on the floor, next to the skirting board. For carpet I tend to use 1.5" Tesa buff 3 day tape (it’s high tack and strong), for hard flooring usually 1.5" Scotch blue (2090) or Dolphin tape if I want slightly less adhesion.

Then I tape either a full or half width border of lining paper around the entire room. When taping onto the border tape I’ll use the Tesa 3 day tape as I know it’ll stick well onto the border tape. Then I’ll use either Scotch Blue or Dolphin if I want to tape the lining paper onto a hard floor, or Tesa 3 day for taping it onto a carpet.

If I’m on carpet, I’ll usually put a sheet of polythene down on any exposed carpet for extra protection, then a blue sheet on top. If on a hard floor, the blue sheet is fine on its own.

The differences between the cheaper Trade 1st sheet and Trimaco One-Tuff:

  1. The Trade 1st sheets are 3m x 3m, One-Tuff are 12ft x 9ft (3.65m x 2.74m).
  2. The Trade 1st sheets are slightly thinner and the plastic backing isn’t as rubberised as the One-Tuff and therefore more likely to slip and move.
  3. The Trade 1st sheets are made of one single piece, the Trimaco are made of several, heat-bonded together. Although the actual Trimaco material lasts longer, I’ve had the heat bonds come apart before - so you end up with long strips of sheet.
  4. The Trade 1st sheets are £4.80 (incl. VAT) and Trimaco £15.20 (incl. VAT) so more like 1/3 of the price, not 1/4 (I forgot to add the VAT in the post above!)

To cover furniture I use the 2m x 50m rolls of thin polythene, taped together if need be. Sometimes I’ll cover this with a blue sheet too.

I only use cotton sheets for exterior work - as they can be washed out in a big tub in the garden. I don’t put them in the washing machine any more. Cotton sheets tend to hold onto dust so I don’t use them indoors.


Great post Charlie.
A lot of food for thought there .
I’ve started using lining paper to cover the edges of the room and polythene sheeting on furniture.

The home owners seem to like the idea of functionality and ease of use as well

I can’t believe that just a couple of years ago I was hand sanding with no dust extraction, putting down very minimal masking, and using good old cotton dust sheets. I spent a lot of time vacuuming dust off surfaces, beating out dust sheets outside customers houses, wearing dust masks and apologising to customers ‘sorry for all the dust, I will hoover it all up’, realigning dust sheets around the room when they come away slightly from the skirting board… what a waste of time!

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And that is just one aspect of our job changed for the better!

Work smarter not harder!

For covering furniture I use axus polythene on roll.

I only use Packexe hardfloor on stone or tiles as I once caused damage to a varnished floor.

The ProDec poly backed sheets are good - £10 something from Decorating Direct

  • you don’t have to fold them in half like the open weave ones, you’ll always be placing the clean side down on Mrs.Miggins £90 a sq metre Axminster and they will hold liquid spills for a time

Hi any feedback on verbo floor protection for hard surfaces and kitchen sides only. Today I bought some, they are highly recommended dust sheets coated cotton dust sheets. Any feedback?

Here is verbo floor protection

Due to the excellent moisture and impact resistance, the positive properties of the conventional protective products such as cardboard, foil and carpet have been merged into one floor protector. This material is ideal for protecting your floors when building work :

They seem to do a range of different products, a familiar one there is the non-slip fleece stair runner.


Which grade lining paper do you use? I used the nopi masking tape from brewers but have learnt that it comes unstuck. Heard good things about sp80 tape for general use cheap also?