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Best eggshell for interior woodwork

Never used eggshell,whats the best product on market,best brushs ,rollers to use,and best surface to use eggshell on doses it cover,over Matt well,and cover imperfections well can you condition paint,any tips much appreciated.Thanks guys for any feedback :slight_smile: :smiley:

Tell us what you want to eggshell and that might narrow it down to advise you. Eggshell is a sheen, and comes in oil, water, hybrid paints. It tends to have good opacity and traditional oil eggshell is self undercoating.

using it for doors,andy whats the best eggshell paint,and rollers,brushes,is using a spray gun with water on light spray best way to keep wet edge,on acrylic eggshell,any tips much appreciated.

Paint in stages if you are worried about keeping the wet edge going. eg Paint a panel and wipe any excess of face of stiles and rails. Dampen the surface slightly will help, but that is a β€œtouch” thing, because too wet and no good. Best eggshells in water based paints? there is a mini minefield of info on sheens - US eggshell paint is almost matt, Sikkens Satura isnt eggshell it is satin, but a favoured finish. Mylands eggshell is making its way to the top of lists. If you are going to chop and change, make samples and let client pick the sheen they like.

agree with Andy to have samples for client.

For trim I have a 1 metre length of 4" skirting (primed and undercoated) divided into four sample sections of white trim paint:
Mylands egg, sikkens satura, Dulux Diamond Satin and an oil egg on one end just to show the discolouring!
I have a second one with Gloss but rarely get any call for gloss finish

re white trim:
Interesting how many clients now open to walls and trim in same colour different finishes. Currently on a a 7 bed 5 bath refurb in the Cotswolds with every bedroom in same colour for ceiling walls & trim and Ground Floor rooms with strong off white and neutrals for trim. Looks very elegant

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ok thanks anyway
by the way whats the best water based system that you use

Well that depends on what I’m using it for. But at the moment for interiors I am using Bedec Primer/Under and Bedec Aqua satin or gloss. Also F&B and Earthborn eggshell. Exteriors I use either the Allcoat or occasionally Bedec MSP.

My reasons for those choices are really because they are UK made and I prefer to keep things local if I can.

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