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Best filler for these situations?


Would appreciate some advice on the best filler for these problems:

Long gap where the architrave has bowed away from the door casing - apologies for poor photo which makes it look enormous! Gap is pretty much top to bottom and tapers from 1mm to around 6 mm wide.

Burnt patch on top of mantel shelf, 5mm at deepest point.

Edge of architrave where knot has dropped out.

I’d use Toupret Fibracryl (in the ‘caulk’ tube for first

For mantlepiece either a standard two part - I use Tetrion 2PK

For edge of architrave use Repair Care as it will bind in securely and you can shape it without slump. If you’ve got Repair Care on the go, might as well do the mantelshelf at same time!

Speaking to someone today about fillers, to use in cold conditions, any idears on best ones to use say on outside wall, or draftee door ,two pack would be best I guess in cold conditions ,how do the quick drying fillers perform in them conditions,