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Best high opacity emulsion

Hi got a job coming up need a emulsion with excellent coverage any idears?someone recommended johnstones,they do a ultra high opacity emulsion, has anyone tried it or no off a quality paint with excellent coverage, cheers.

I used Tkkurila Joker (Eco Joker) a few weeks back - mixed into Little Greene Paint Company’s “Lead Colour” and also “Knightsbridge”; both dark colours, the coverage and opacity was incredible!!!

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Depends on the durability of the finish you need but Earthborn claypaint covers better than acrylics. I did a rooma while back that was painted a mid yellow and I was putting a pale gray over it. I used two coats to be sure but really I could have got away with just one!

It depends on the finish you require. Contract matts and the Johnstone’s product you mention offer great opacity in white but unless you spray them there is a problem with the overall finish. I’ve found the first coat will apply well but they don’t overcoat well and tend to drag and dry to fast.

The best product in white I’ve used is Mythic Flat. It has never needed more than 2 coats on dirty white or very light coloured ceilings. It is expensive compared to the contract paints but the finish is better. If you go down the Mythic route you’re best to use their trim paint if white is the chosen colour for both. Mythic’s bright white is not the same as standard UK white or PBW and is difficult to match to either.

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