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Best lambs wool roller for masonry & best masonry paint brushes

Got a exterior job to do,painting roughcast,need help whats the best lambswool roller,good large brush,and small for exterior,best exterior tape for plastic facials,bought orange tape for brickwork,any help appreciated. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

In terms of roller covers you might find lambs wool not very robust for external rough walls. When I had a pebble wall to do a while back I bought a Polar bear to try and was very happy with it. Did a brilliant job of getting into all the little holes and cleaned up surprisingly well and still looks like new. It does splatter a bit but thatโ€™s a characteristic I am prepared to put up with for the result it gives. Have a look on Decorating Direct - I think they only do it in 18" though so if you want something smaller Iโ€™ll leave recommendation to someone else.

The Polar Bear sleeve is a beast, I genuinely painted 20+ gallons per coat of a brick exterior with 4" mini rollers.

The spatter is the paint not the sleeve, we used 100% acrylic satin (Mythic) and there was no spatter. Literally. I am not sure where to get the mini sleeves. I can only imagine the weight and coverage of an 18" sleeve.

The 18" fully loaded on the end of an 8โ€™ pole is quite a weight but the upside is youโ€™re not handling it very long because you get the paint on so fast. I was putting Weathersheild on with that so I take the point about splattering.

Andy thereโ€™s a 4.5" polar bear cover on DD aswell as the 18". Just nothing in between.

Going to give the polar bear a try,any idears on a good masonry brush.The other thing,when painting under gutters,is there a recommend brush or mini roller,i could use,or is it simply better just to remove gutters.When i paint exteriors i like to clean them and make sure there clear,thought about a extendable broom attached to hose,if a tap is available and sprayer to flush inside gutters out with some chemical.

What style guttering? If plastic they should clip / unclip and you will have an easier and more thorough paint job. Good idea to carry a few spare brackets in case they have perished.

Your cleaning operation (minus chemicals, why?) sounds feasible if guttering is on the ground, but in situ could be a trifle messy?

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Hi Andy the trouble with taking gutters off not only brackets can be a problem breaking the rubber seals can sometimes leak when there put back up,on this job we cleared out gutters by hand then wiped over with flash cleaner and damp cloth when it came to painting,used a small brush and wonder wipe,if paint got on guttering to keep clean,it was a time consuming exercise,i need to get into gear with this,any idears would be appreciated,will order polar bear roller.