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Best method/materials to clean 1 yr old external oil paint

Hi all. No post for a while…been on garden projects :disappointed: … before returning to the inside later year. Project Kitchen looms…

Last year I did the entire external house woodwork with Spachtel / Zinseer Cover Stain, Rubinol oil base & Sikkens oil Gloss. Came up super & still holding together well.

Our place faces a fairly busy road & although maybe 10 meters back from the road it’s suprising how much dust & road grime eventually adheres to the paint surfaces.

I’ve washed once late last year but is now time do again & I wandered what is best to use? I thought about silicon polish in spray form and just wipe off. Also wandered if it’s an option to use a good quality car wash/wax.

Any pointers on the best way to go? Best products etc? I don’t fancy getting back up there too often so keen as normal to get it right first time.

Many thanks in advance

Hi keep your silicone polish in the cupboard ,that’s the worst stuff to use ,you will realise why when you come to paint again,bodyshops hate silicone. Now getting back to the surface I take it we are talking exterior wood?Theres a product called Neale’s super clean based in egham there product would clean and leave paint shiny can be used from cleaning boats to houses, amazing stuff., a very weak mix is all you would need.,in a spray bottle and cloth.You could
also use a good quality wash and wax like auto glym two cap fulls in bucket of warm water and don’t let it dry out,and wipe over with a leather, once rinsed off.

Hi Jason and thanks for that. Yes silicon and wax sounds a no-no now you come to think about it.

I’d not heard of the Neales product but will certainly look it up.

In a sense we are quite lucky as the eaves and facias of the house are deep and there is little to no rainfall on the windows or in fact any of the paint surfaces. We just seem to attract this horrible fine dust which builds if not checked. I had a daft idea that it might be good to treat the surface as you might a car but is obvious now that this would be a potentially very bad thing for future repaint etc…mind I’m hoping that’s no time soon.

Thanks for the pointer

Neales super clean would be my first choice ,otherwise use autoglym bodywork shampoo,it dosesnt contain silicone,and I have used it on many things from plastic garden furniture to even cleaning window frames works fine.