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Best Paint and primer combo for my kitchen cupboards

Hi Guys,
First can I say what a great help it’s been to read all the posts here for various other jobs and in planning my Kitchen!
So, I’ve been fixing to paint my Kitchen Cupboards for some time now after pretty much painting every other inch of the house, and I’m ready to get going, pretty much just looking for opinions on best paint system and materials.
I’m not an expert diy’er by any means, but have some skills now, having painted most of a 3 bedroom cottage in and out over last few months, including some large fitted wardrobes using Bin primer and Little Green Tom’s Oil Eggshell, to a good result (in my opinion anyway!).
The cupboards in question are wood veneer – kitchen is probably 20 years old or so, and needs a little fixing here and there with hinges etc, but generally in pretty good nick. I’ve 4 drawers, 2 corner cabinets, 5 regular doors and 2 glass doors to do – so it’s not a massive job per se.
I Plan to:

  • Remove doors
  • Clean with Krud Cutter or Zinsser degreaser, whichever I can get my hands on.
  • Sand lightly, probably manually (I went at them with brill pads some time ago - most likely ill advised, but nonetheless, resulting in a lot of the sheen having been removed)
  • Prime x 1 coat with mini foam rollers on larger surfaces (Bin/coverstain Or Otex) hopefully tinted to match – am going with a dusky pink type colour
  • Very light sanding rub down
  • 2 x hand painted top coats (Little Greene Tom’s Oil Egshell or water based or Mylands Egshell.
  • Plan on using my Picasso Bull 1.5” if going with the water based or likely a combo of a 1.5” synthetic pointed sash brush I have that I like (generic) and a 2.5” Wooster Alpha Angled sash if using oil. ( I might roller the first coat and paint the second - I did this with a wardrobe and it worked well)

Would hugely appreciate any feedback. Most especially on the primer paint combo that will give me - as a more amateur painter the very best and most durable finish.
To recap – was thinking Bin or coverstain + Little Greene (the Oil egshell is my preference at the mo as I got good finish before)
Bin/Coverstain/Tikkurilla under the Mylands. Would I need to also use the Mylands undercoat? Have seen good reviews, but I imagine as I have veneer that I would need one of the 3 primers before this anyway – and I would preferably not have to do 4 coats all together?

Input, feedback, your preferences or any advice at all is much appreciated!!

Ps – am balancing finish with what my capabilities and time allowed, so can do extra if it will have huge extra results, but generally I’m happy with a “really good” as opposed to utterly 100% perfect finish that you professionals would be able to achieve!
Thanks for all the tips on the forum so far.

The type of primer you need depends on the wood itself, Oak and most hardwoods will need a shellac primer (Bin et al) to block the tannin bleed. Softwoods or MDF don’t need shellac and I would choose Tikkurila Otex, it’s easy to use and levels really well. as a finish I would go for 3 coats of Tikkurila Helmi 10 or 30 depending on how much sheen you would like.

Little Greene oil is very good too, it gives a nice chalky finish with little sheen but if I was to choose it would be Tikkurila tinted to an LG or Farrow and Ball colour every time.

I hope that helps you a little.

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Thanks for the reply Mark.
I think it is an oak veneer, so I feel I will need to use somethink like bin or coverstain to ensure the topcoats adhere properly. I’ve attached a picture here of the cupboards.
I’ve no particular objection to trying the Tikkurilla, and I know it’s a favourite of many her on TP, but I’m not a regular customer of the supplier here in Dublin and so not sure how well or if they can match my colour preference etc - the one I like best is a Mylands shade - ecclestone pink, there is also an FB shade i’ve tested and like.
I am confident of the Bin/Little Green Oil Egshell combo as have used it before to good effect on fitted wardrobes, but the colour from the LG range isn’t exactly what I’m after.

I do remember reading in a post that the Mylands didn’t work very well over coverstain, so not sure if it would be the same with the Bin.