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Best paint brushes

hi which is the best 2" brush for oil based gloss on an external door in when its coldish i still use a hamilton perfection for its strength.
And also which is the best 3" brush for water based paint on walls and ceilings at the moment i use a purdy pro extra monarch.suggestions would be great thanks :slight_smile:

For oil based paint a well worn Hamilton Perfection is fine, it’s been a long time since I used one though. If you are looking for something different try a brush from the Corona Chinex range. My favourite for internal doors in oil would be a 2" or 2.5" Corona Knight or Kingston. The Knight is a thicker brush and will apply more paint. I wouldn’t overlook the Purdy Pro-Extra in oil either, as it’s a good performer in this application.

For walls and ceilings do you mean cutting in? If so I would go for a 2.5" angled Picasso. This will come with either a long flutted US style or beavertail handle. It depends on the style you want but the beavertail has slightly longer bristles.

You are spoiled for choice now with brushes for water based paint. Check out the Corona Brushes UK, Wooster Brush Europe and My Paint Brush sites and you will see a vast choice.

I second all the advice above, Corona Knight would be my first choice for general trim, ( the Kingston is my first choice for very fine trim work, as its a thin and very fine brush) both are also easier to clean and smoother than the Purdy in my experience. ( The Purdy Pro-Extra Glide, angled brush, is a real beast ! )

On a budget, try Cutting Edge 2.5’’ angled for emulsion on larger areas of cutting in (around £8) Brilliant Finish by Nour 1.5’’ for more detailed works, they come in a set from Toolstation with a 1.5’’ angled & 2’’ angled that aren’t as good but handy. For oils, Purdy Monarch Elites, can’t fault them, considering trying some Woosters in oil, so many to choose from though???

I’m hearing good reports of the Corona Morrow in oil based paints.

I haven’t used it myself but I’ve seen pictures of it and it seems to be a very well made and balanced brush.

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Bought some axus mink series brushes absolutely fantastic ,nice springy feeling.