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Best paint for a matt finish on kitchen cabinets

Hi, i found your forum via internet searching for advice on painting kitchen cabinets. I am a keen amateur and have just bought a second-hand Bulthaup kitchen that does need re-painting. It has what i think is a factory finished textured brush marks effect on the doors with a very low sheen finish. I want to try and paint it white, but really didn’t want much of a sheen. Can anyone recommend a paint for a matt finish ?
Mary p

Hi Mary, thanks for your question.

if you have a matt paint finish you tend to lose durability compared to a higher sheen.

Mythic acrylic latex eggshell is quite flat compared to most eggshell, and is a durable paint. In high traffic areas, you might be better advised to opt for the next sheen level.

What you might consider is using a clear matt lacquer over the finished white painted surface. Hopefully Jason Walker or Mark Nash can fill you in on the commercial grade clear lacquers they use. The clear lacquer over oil eggshell can be tweaked to all sheen levels.

There is little advantage in terms of durability using a conventional acrylic clear varnish like Polyvine Decorators varnish over an acrylic paint. They are both as durable (or not) as each other, but the clear varnish does however add another layer of protection before the paint itself is damaged.

PS It would be interesting to see any photos you have just to clarify, because of course an equally important question is about the prep and primer for the surface!

thank you for your advice. I have ordered a sample of the Mythic paint you suggested. I have taken some pics of the cabinet doors. Would I need to e-mail these to the enquiries@traditional ?

Hi Mary,

I don’t think Andy is around this weekend! He should be back in the hot seat come Monday.
Please send your pictures to him at the above email address or you should be able to upload them on here!
Mythic is a great product and the eggshell has very little sheen level. Once we see the pics, further advice can be give.

Thanks Russ (TP)

Mythic Eggshell is a great product but will pick up marks easily on kitchen units unless you are extremely careful. I usually use Mythic Semi-Gloss for cabinets.
It is a slightly higher sheen than the eggshell but you could look at Mythic Black Label Satin. It is more expensive than the standard Mythic but it has a very smooth feel when dry.
Sikkens used to make a matt finish for trim called Rubbol BL Magura. It has been discontinued but it is still around on the internet. The coverage of this product is poor in comparision to Mythic though, so you may require extra coats.