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Best Paint for Terracotta Surfaces

Afternoon all and a belated happy new year to all TP folk.

Got two large terracotta pots to paint. They have done before with something that has weathered over the years and wandering what best to use to get a decent long lasting finish?

Aim to give them a light sand with the festool and clean up first.

Guidance appreciated as always. Many thanks in advance

Hi, seasons greetings :slight_smile:

thinned down emulsion is a common treatment for terracota to achieve like a colour wash. I suppose you could apply a few thin coats to end up with a solid durable finish.

Chalk paint and wax is another option.

Or a bit left field but milk is used to create a weathered look on terracota tiles, no finishes to wear away.

The main thing is that it is a very porous surface to start with so go well diluted til the porosity has been satisfied. cheers

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And to you sir. Been a while.

No I’ll avoid the milk one Andy, I’d read about that … that’s what they look like now :slight_smile: … going for a more clean look and finish to match the conservatory that took way too long to do.

What about the age old standby … Sandtex?

But emulsion would be an interesting way to go use up some more old tins.

Nice one

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Hi good evening,i have never painted pots,i would use Bedac mulitsurface paint,but do check as i have never used it for that purpose.I painted some concrete posts during lockdown,i used bullseye 123,worked well, with the masonry on top.But i do think the bedac would be a good choice, but check with them,and let us no how you get on.Cheers

You could add a drop of sharp sand in the emulsion if you want texture.

No that’s a bit what I fighting against to be honest Andy.

Previous decorating attempts in and around this little project were a bit on the ‘crafty’ or ‘distressed’ side … I’m trying to ‘gloss that up a bit’ as it were :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jason.

In fact I have a little spare 123 that’s starting crust away … probably just enough for these couple of pots once cleaned up. Is a good way to go and a good end to the tin.

Thanks for the suggestion