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Best Primer & Gloss for Pressed Internal Doors - Easy Apply

Morning all,

Daughter No.2 wants to paint her white grained pressed card 4 panel doors. They fitted 4 years old, tidy & clean in the main and are the same on all internal doors.

I’ve been using Sikkens Rubbol + Primer & XD Gloss over recent years for internal and external and has worked a treat. But it’s getting hard to source now.

What would be the easiest and more effective primer & top coat I can order for her to get some good results? She is no great decorator but we are going through the prep steps to maximise the best chance of a result.

Have used the Tikkulira products for recent external and special surface work and have been really happy with those suggestions. I guess this would be a good starting point?

If it is, would appreciate a steer in the right direction for which one to use. or indeed alternatives.

Would be great get some feedback today if possible. I promise to order it for this weekend and guess who forgot!!! ahem … :slight_smile:


Teknos - holman paint

Little Green

Or and would love a job to justify it Benjamin Moore Advance?

I believe Jack Pauhl does a review

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Cheers Howzz,

I jumped ahead a bit (getting over confident here :slight_smile:) and went with Hemi 80? If I read and listened right, it’s hard wearing stuff used by the kitchen painters.

Never used so lets see.

The Benjamin Moore stuff sounds like is top end stuff. And the Teknos I used at your suggestion a few weeks back and was spot on.

We been spending two weeks explaining how to do the prep to her.To the uninitiated, it sounds a lot of painful wasted time … it did to me a few years back before having it explained here on TP. Once you know and can see the value then of course you never go back.

Let’s see how she gets on. Cheers Howzz, will let you know the outcome.

You won’t go far wrong with Helmi 80. Just continue with the Tikkurila brand and you should end up with a good solid job. Good luck to you both!

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Many thanks Richard … yes Tikkurila I’ve heard you all discussing on TP many times and I have to say it is quite wonderful stuff with me so far.

My dilemma is trying to explain and educate No.2 daughter remotely (someone not entirely at the high end of precision and procedure :slight_smile: ) in the ways of detailed prep and technique. She never done anything like this before. Nails will be bitten :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to assess the result. We all had to start somewhere.

Cool that your daughter is really interested in! Share the results of her work
And you might not have asked about Tikkurila - quality.

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I will add my vote for Helmi 80; excellent paint!

I was going to reply when you first posted but this week has been a complete nightmare. The preparation is more than half the work, and you are correct to let your daughter know how important it is.

Good luck; let us know how it turns out.

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I think she ran out of hinting if anyone would do it for her in reality Antony :slight_smile:

We are a family split between those doing and seeing great results in life, and those wanting great results in life and not understanding why they don’t just land in their lap!!!

We did a chimney pot to garden fence and everything in-between renovation for her when life took a rough twist back in 2016. The doors were pressed/primed ones and never got painted

But you right will be interesting to see how it comes out. I’d absolutely love it if she can turn the desire for the product into creating the product and learn in the process. One of our tribe has started the same journey and is using and talking to TP members and showing great results. I waited a long time to see it but just maybe … :slight_smile:

Will do Dave and in fairness it was only through finding TP a few years back that I learned the same from you guys. Dust was something we just tolerated before that. Now I understand the importance.

It continues to be a revelation to me, good materials, good techniques and better understanding of how to approach a project. I could not even imagine going back now. And I got the son in law also seeing the light now. Is great.


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