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Best Products Of 2014

Whilst painting some woodwork this afternoon using a Prodec X7 brush and Zinsser Perma White it got me thinking about all the kit I used in 2014 and will continue to do so this year as a result of being a regular reader of posts on the TP forum.

Here’s my top 15 list of products I was introduced to in 2014 via the TP forum (in no particular order):

  1. Festool Extraction/Sanding Kit
  2. Olfa knife and black blades
  3. Kovrd bags for storing paint trays/rollers/brushes/kettles
  4. Tesa masking tapes
  5. Trollull Glass Cleaners
  6. Krud Kutter Original
  7. Plastic paint brush/roller covers
  8. Owatrol/XIM
  9. Abranet and Mirka Gold sanding pads
  10. Trimaco Dust Sheets
  11. Packexe Protection Film
  12. Toupret TX110 Filler
  13. Brushes - Fox (Red and Silver), Corona (Kingston & Cody Red), Prodec X7, Royal & Langnickel
  14. Paints - Zinsser (Coverstain & Perma White Satin), Tikkurila (Miranol), Sikkens (Satura BL)
  15. Axus & Fox mini rollers
  16. 3M Hand Masker

I’m sure I’ve missed a few but these were the main ones that came to mind. They have all made a huge difference to productivity and quality of finish.

On my list of materials and equipment to buy in 2015 are:

  1. Paints from Mylands (primer and satin), Classidur (Universal Xtreme Primer), Helmi/Feelings (Satin), Tikkurila Empire, Tikkurila Otex.

  2. Erecta Rack

  3. Laser level (lining/wallpaper hanging)

Would be interesting to hear what other members have tried/liked in 2014 and what they have on their shopping lists for 2015.


Tikkurila, you will love! look forward to hearing your review - even though I consult for Myland’s, I only ever use and specify Tikkurila paints now… love it!

Laser Level - I use a Leica Lino L2, I’ve also recently bought their Floor to Ceiling Pole CLR290; worth a look, as it frees you up from using a tripod.

As for 2015 for me; I will probably be buying a second Erecta-Rack and I’m sure other items will emerge that I will obsess over!

All the best!

ps. I’m pleased that the FOX makes an appearance on your list! I’ve got some fabulous new FOX brushes due to make an appearance during 2015 -keep an eye out for them!

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Hi Martin

Thanks for the heads up on the Leica.

I have already bought some Otex primer and small tester pots of Helmi Gloss/Satin, Feelings Furniture Paint and Empire. Looking to practice with them on some old kitchen doors.

I have a good stock of Fox red and silver in the van. Look forward to seeing your new additions to the range this year.

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Hi mark ottex is superb, your missing one off the most important pieces the Wooster dustbuster?something else might be worth you exploring gras lacquer,i am a great fan, also the paint go and , for storing brushs,keep adding,i am noting everything. Cheers Jason

Do you have a sack barrow, and boxes to move these nice pieces you have about?Disposible slipper,
make a nice touch, to, for paint please also look at manor emulsion you will like that.

Hi Jason

I bought a Wooster Dust Eater plus all the Wooster kit - roller frames, pro-dooz sleeves, Sherlock extension pole, pelican, Big Ben trays and Jumbo Koter in 2013 that’s why I didn’t include them in my 2014 list.

I also used Toupret Gras a Laquer when renovating the house we moved in to in 2013. Good stuff.

Forgot about the Paint & Go system. Will look into that. Thanx.

Looking to add a new racking system to my van this year and buy some more Festool Systainers to store a lot of my gear and make it easy to carry them.

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rechargable flood lights?

Paint & Go is a great and revolutionary system… did you get to take a look at the paint heating system that (hopefully) will be appearing in the Paint & Go format at the NP&D Show??? Ario was showing it; it looked stunning!

As for rechargeable flood lamps, I use the Festool KAL, but, in reality it’s little more than a powerful torch - great for Hand Painted Kitchens though.

Don’t forget to check out the new range of FOX auxiliary brushes (duster brushes, paperhangers, etc.) available exclusively from MyPaintbrush - online this evening!!!

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Paint heating system Martin? I`m intrigued

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Yes, a really neat system that heats paint to “just the right” temp to make it workable in most climate situations - so the the paint works to it’s optimum… no need to put extra conditioners into paints, and change the chemical composition, to make them flow in cold weather because the paint is at a consistent temp to allow it to work!

Very nice concept and will be working alongside the rest of the Paint & Go system.

I only saw a 3D printed model, but looks fab!

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Sounds a great system. So they are hoping to have it ready to launch at the NP&D show in December this year?

As far as I’m aware they were just gauging interest before investing further into the product - I don’t know their timescales