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Best roller edger on market

I am looking for a roller edger to use on cutting in on ceilings. At present I do have a small one. Can you buy large rollers which can be used on ceiling edges?

The kit I have think it’s called fast trim is a very small roller, you keep the plastic edge clean with a wonder wipe. On decorating direct they do a larger roller simpler. Anyone used one or know of a larger roller that would be effective

I have tried brush but not over keen seeing brush marks along the edge. I have even tried adding paint conditioner, but at present the fast trim does seem the best option. Only today I have purchased a corner roller will be using for my next project.

From my limited experience, and lots of questions to the guy who invented this one, I can’t see how they work for cutting in different colours.

You can cut and use a semi dry roller following behind to roll out the brush marks.

If the texture of your roller is leaving a lot of texture, I can see why brush marks might be an issue, but a narrow brush line especially along the ceiling line and a nice flat rolled wall, is that not the aim?

Anyone got any feedback on the Linomat edge roller?

Have you got a link to it, what it is supposed to do? I will let you all no what I think when I get my one.