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Best roller sleeve

Whats the best 4" or 6" roller sleeves for top coats on trim / woodwork ?

For oil based eggshell paint I have a lot of time for the dense black foam sleeves from Fat Hog or Wooster.

Fat Hog 4" fit on a simple bog standard mini roller / rad roller arm. Wooster 4.5" fit the Jumbo Koter frames.

The Fat hog is a convex end, which lets you get in really tight to edges. The Wooster is concave, and I find I use the end a lot to apply paint to mouldings

For water-based eggshell the 3/8" pile Wooster Pro Doo-z for skirtings and doors. I saw a video of an Arroworthy mini roller applying acrylic gloss on a pressed panel door. It seemed to go on and on and on.

Best ask Mark Nash about best roller sleeves for water-borne paint.

Hi Andy, i agree with the Fat Hog sleaves also try Anza Solutions emulsion sleaves excelent in oil eggshell and have the Hamilton bearing. ALLY.

I think the best roller sleeves for acrylic topcoats on trim are Wooster’s Micro Plush and Pro/Doo-z. I don’t get the names but they are very good covers.
The Micro Plush works better when it is new and it’s possible to get no roller stipple if this cover is used with a well levelling product ie Sikkens Rubbol BL Satura.
I also use the Pro/Doo-z for trim and it gives good results as well.

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I’ve been using Pro Dooz 3/8" nap, 4.5" roller and Wooster Silver Tip or FTP brush in a Wooster Pelican to get water-based paint onto woodwork - always tipping off with the brush. Seems to work well and is fairly fast.

Purdy, I’m my opinion are still leaders in rollers, I love the White Dove mini roller sleeves, last a long time and wash well. I also use Wooster pro-Dooz mini along with tthe larger 18 inch rollers, which do splatter a little.


HI folks have any of you tried rota rollers.I have tried a few and must say really like them the rota 9 is excellent for ceilings,masking tape before use to remove any loose fluff then trim ends ,this will give you a really nice roller to work with.

I’ve heard they do a micro-plush in 6.5 inch size but only available in the US. Shame.

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We all no rollers can cause suction,on wall causing paint to lift ,would a short sleeve roller help?

I have been using two fussy blokes rollers,leave a nice spray finish effect,also works nicely into mouldings.Has anyone else tried them?

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agreed about purdy, We use Purdy Ultra finish with oil based paint… really smooth finishes:)