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Best rollers, brushes for LG Intelligent Matt Emulsion painting over wallpaper


Can you please advise what is the best rollers and brushes to use for painting over the below wallpaper?
The paint I will be using is from Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion.

The quality of the finish is my main priority and not saving money over the materials?
My main choice is of Wooster frame with Wooster Jumbo-Koter Pro Doo-Z but I am not sure if I need 3/8 or 1/2 in due to the light textures at paper wall.
And for the brushes, my main choice is Proform Picasso.

Kind regards

You have done your research well,:thumbsup: and I suggest you buy one of each sleeve and test, as it is hard to predict the potential absorption of the paint or the depth of pile from the photo.

One very smart tip from Jack Pauhl, which may or may not apply here: use a long pile sleeve for speed and then follow up behind immediately with a short pile to lay off smoother.

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Try the Arroworhy microfibre roller sleeves. Best load up and paint distribution I’ve encountered.


i would be inclined to agree with testing both… the arroworthy is a great sleeve also.
personally i would go with the shorter pile and apply until i was happy as i would not want to loose the detail by applying to much paint…
brushes…corona sandy or Kingston 3 inch are my weapons of choice
all good advice from the others :relaxed:

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