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Best varnish and filler? Pine kitchen

Hi everyone,

I have a solid pine kitchen which has been coated in orange varnish.

The plan is to strip this off the work tops, stain them and then varnish them to make them ultra hard wearing. What is the best varnish for this please? I have seen Ronseal “Diamond Hard” - would this be the right sort of stuff? What I have at present, although hideous, is heat and water proof, and hasn’t marked in the 30 odd years the kitchen has been in…

The second question is where the units have been made off site and then installed there are a couple of joins. Over the years these have opened slightly, so obviously i’d like to fill them before staining and varnishing. What should I use for this please? I’d like something that will take stain so it’s the same colour as the work tops but i don’t know if this exists!!

Thanks in advance!

Is there any reason why you would like to use a varnish over anything else?

If you are open to suggestions then Osmo Polyx Oil is a fantastic product for kitchen worktops and i have used it without issue for over 10 years. If you get rid of the varnish, apply a liberal coat of Osmo Wood Protector followed by 2 coats of Polyx Oil you will get a lovely looking worktop.

The same product can be used for your doors over either an Osmo stain or a Wood Wax Transparent finish. They also have their own range of fillers which take all their stains and oils, which come in a range of colours to suit the timber.

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That kitchen would look great painted!

I would agree with Ben on the Osmo products

For filling those cracks, cascamite wood glue would be very effective, you could custom tint it by adding concentrated wood dye.