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Best Varnish Stripper Help please

I’ve had a look at several strippers but most seem to have negative reviews when used to remove varnish.
Can anyone recommend a product for use on a pine kitchen worktop please.

Thanks for looking,

Do you have a good dustless sander, as that might be the first and fastest option.

Paint strippers might be a second option. It is hard to predict which product works best for a particular surface. Were the reported failures for polyurethane varnish, waterborne acrylic, 2-pack… ?

it wouldn’t hurt to carry say the Fluxaf Green and Fluxaf Super interior / exterior strippers. The Fluxaf Pro is more like old fashioned paint stripper but for exterior use only. There is Homestrip, a slow working safe stripper. A roll of cling film would increase the working time of paint stripper.

And once you have got the bulk of the coating stripped off, let it dry out and sand it down.


Thank you for your suggestions.

I’ve got a good sander.
The part of the worktop I’m concerned about is a relatively narrow strip between the rear of the sink and a timed wall. So difficult to sand.
I’ll get those strippers you recommend.

Incidentally the customer is so pleased with what I’m doing they just booked me for 2 days every week for the next 3 months! This will enable me to work on various areas and them to work at home undisturbed.

Again many thanks for your help,
Bernard and

Hi Andy what grade abranet would you recommend for striping varnish?would 60 be good or would you go lower?

A powerful sander like the Festool RO90 you wouldnt have to go so rough to initially sand down varnish.

DEROS is a lighter weight machine, and really it is trial and error, start at 80 and see how you go. Too coarse and it can be a case of more haste less speed, where by you have no varnish but you may be leaving deep swirl marks in the timber which will take time to be removed.

40 grade is too rough IMO for decorator sanding, the discs are more suited to removing rust!