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Best wood preservative for decking

Used some decking as edging in garden what the best wood preservative on the market,and fence paint looking to add this to my list off services,any idears,might be worth buying one off them large spray bottles to put the stuff in,whats also the best stuff to clean the green off and sheets to put on the floor,this may not be the place to ask but i am sure thereโ€™s one expert among you.Keep pressing on :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: best site on internet .

Seen on here owatrol solid colour stain any one used it,cant find anything about best fence brush or rollers to use or even spray bottle,and most important best protective sheeting help.

Best site on the net that has little to do with the work covered in those questions!

Seriously, for decking, Owatrol are the guys to ask.

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