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BIN or Coverstain primer on dining table and chairs

Dulux Mark asked a question:

I went to see a client regarding painting a fairly new kitchen and gave her a quote but didn’t hear from her. She got back to me yesterday unsure about committing but wants a dining table and chairs done instead. It will probably be done in F&B estate eggshell. Advice on the primer please BIN or coverstain?

Being a dining table will need ultimate protection. Thanks

Have you got a picture of the furniture, what is it coated with?

Whatever specialist adhesion / stain blocking primer you choose, you would be well advised to prime over it with Farrow and Ball’s own primer too, if you want to be safe. We have quite a database growing of possible ways round the requirement imposed by F&B with their eggshell, but so far the only consistent answer is that there is no consistent work around on a problem surface

I haven’t been to look at the table in person but the lady sent me a photo of it which I will send when I get in tonight. I agree with your advice regarding using the manufacturers own primer to be on the safe side. Thanks, Mark

Make. Sure. She hasn’t. Used a silicone polish on it if she has it will have 2 b taken off

Would fairy liquid be good to remove silicone on furniture?