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Bodge job,decorators from hell

Hi guys i have been helping a very sociable person in our community decorate her house,i informed the lady who is moving in i couldn’t take on the job,but had a spare day i could help her,and hopefully pass on a thing or two,what was in it for me nothing,maybe one less bodge job in the world,maybe some advertising,some good experience for SAM.what has shocked me,the previous painter left paint spots all over the floor we cleaned with sponge and krudcutter,all door hinges had paint on them used trollul pads excellent come up like new,what was even more worrying,around the kitchen even managed to cover units in emulsion,and the coving drips all over,a total bodge and one off the rooms he painted all blister,who paints over a wall that has had wallpaper adhesive on it without correct preparation,then zinnerser garrdz,we done some glossing,removed paint from floor,showed her how to remove paint from hinges taught her to caulk,showed her basic preparation,introduced her to the Wooster Dustbuster,and mirka,she learned a thing or two i am sure,we didn’t charge her anything just gave her our time,why people don’t do the job properly is beyond me.