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Boiled linseed oil as a conditioner

Hi i have heard they used to add boiled linseed oil to oil paint to add flow is this true is this like owatrol?

I’ll let someone else answer that - I don’t touch oil paint :slight_smile:

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At college my teacher I think used to add a drop of this to putty ?have I got mixed up was this to speed up the drying.

Yes you could do this. You have to watch out for drying times extending too much if you add a lot and it could affect the sheen slightly. They have catalysts in the paint which accelerate drying times though so it might not make much difference. Owatrol will be an oil similar to Linseed Oil I guess - but there are many treatments and many types of oil used in oil paint - so it probably is not exactly the same.


You would add linseed oil to (linseed oil-based) putty to revive dried out putty and make it more workable.

Part of the cycle of a novice painter’s life is getting covered with super sticky putty as you mix in the oil, getting the putty ready to hand over to the old boy in a perfectly clean and workable ball.

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