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Brush cleaning/roller cleaning

Brush /roller restoration
Cleaning brushes/rollers
Removing rust from ferrule
Conditioning the filaments
Removing paint
Varnishing handles
Tools needed
Plasters bucket, dandy pro, brush comb, Purdy 5 piece tool,virosol,fabric conditioner,cellious thinners
Other cleaning methods for rollers like the washing machine.
Also good storage solutions when brushes arnt in use.
And plenty more.


I use a ‘general’ wipe to remove surplus pigment, suspend in oil (no solvent) til needed. Some agitation in the oil bath, a quick wipe on removal and the brush is good to go. I must admit I tend to have broad color type brushes - one for the reds, one for the whites etc.

Pigment in the oil settles out. After a few months I can decant the clean oil and remove the paint sludge with a paper towel. The stronger dye colors (pthalo, quinacridone) tend to tint the oil, but I have not had any contamination problems.

The oil bath trick is so much kinder to watercolor brushes for drawing and avoids completely the solvent odors. Best of all no boring, tedious sink and soap treatments.

Removing excess water from paint brush’s, this is my way, keeps the filaments together nicely as well. Put my arm up with brush then down ,then up and so forth. Why i don’t like using brush spinners they separate the filaments when spinning.