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Brush restoration

Hi folks looking to restore a few brushes?whats the best chemical that can remove dried on oil paint,and acrylic?What I am planning to do is get the mirka,give the handles a good sand and varnish.Any recommendations of good varnish,as for metal feral,any recommendations for removing spots of paint,then bringing up a nice shine?was thinking metal polish once I had cleaned of worse with my metal,wooster cleaning brush?Any thoughts,will post photos,theses are old brushs

If you can restore brushes instead of dump and buy more, more strength to your elbow. Or wipe down every day.

Cellulose thinners will probably sort out most of your problems on synthetic bristles. Not the greatest product for your lungs, so handle with care in a well ventilated place and no smoking :wink:.

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That’s great will it clean of the paint on handles?to be honest I was thinkinking of trying some safe paint stripper,dab on with artist brush,then use plastic blade to gently ease of?something else I did think of was very high tack tape,tape on handle leave on for a few days then pull of?

Cellulose thinners… try one.

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Brushes came up well,now time to varnish,any recommendations on a good varnish?Was thinking of putting owatrol ,on metal feral .

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Any thoughts of conditioning brushe filments with 50 percent fabric conditioner,and 50 percent water?How do you condition your brushes? Also any advice on removing rust from feral of brush and polishing will add photos? I have owatrol and peek,both great products for metal

Hi folks as for polishing feral,i have two options peek polish which doesn’t contain silicones, or owatrol oil.Owatrol recommend not using the brush for 24 hours.For conditioning my filaments 50 percent fabric softner,to 50 percent water.

For removing rust use stuff in picture