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Bryan, professional decorator in Hampshire

Hi everybody.
Just like to say hello to everybody as a newbie!
I’m a complete novice when it comes to this sort of thing ( The Forum, not decorating ! ) as it is the first time I have ever been on one.
Have been in the trade now for 36 years, the third generation of family business started in 1946 by my grandfather.
He started out as a builder, then went into smaller things like refurbs and maintenance etc. I was always more interested in the painting side of the business, and when I took over full control in 1992 I concentrated on the decorating side only. Although with my other skills I am able to offer my clients a few general maintenance skills also.
For the last 15 years or so I have been specialising in Windowcare repair methods, and other pre paint repairs.
Having been taught by my grandfather in the old school of decorating I have been keen to learn more modern aspects of the game. I came across TP about a year or so ago when I tackled my first hand painted kitchen. I was very pleased to find that there are others out there like myself that pride in perfection, I thought I might be the only one in my area as some of the work I have been called to rectify has certainly not been done by professionals, I am pleased that with the advice I attained from your site, I was able to achieve a finish to the kitchen that the client was overjoyed with.( Previous guy had painted the units with " once emulsion " and client wondered why it lasted only three weeks! ).
With the tips from the site about what was best to use I now have been getting the perfect results I wanted.
As soon as I can figure it out how to, I will send in some pics of my latest kitchen. I’m good with a brush, not a computer!
Hope I haven’t bored you all to death, but just wanted you to know a bit about me.
Keep up the good work on the site, and I look forward to a future with you all.
Best wishes

Not boring at all Bryan, you sound right up our street :slight_smile: We have some 3rd generation guys at TP. A privileged way to learn really, direct from masters of your trade. Wonder what was the topic of conversation at the dinner table?!

Whereabouts are you based?

I am based on the south coast in Hampshire, half way between Southampton and Portsmouth.

Hi Bryan,

Welcome to the TP forum, you sound right up my street! Looking forward to your posts.