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Can I use Owatrol Oil conditioner in Hammerite

Can I use oil-based paint conditioner with hammerite paint!

Quick answer, no!

Hammerite is not spirit based, Owatrol will not mix with it and you’ll endup with a gloopy mess.

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I have never rated hammerite as a product, is anyone of a different opinion?

I found that the Dulux Metalshield, which they pitch as modern Hammerite, was easier to use and on a development, I saw it had been going a few years already on bollards and looked very solid and a commercial grade finish.

Owatrol Deco is getting good reviews, it is cost effective on particular scenarios where there is a mix of substrates, say cast and uPVC rwg, it is suitable for both surfaces.

Hi Darlic,
You have a few options here to help with flow out, my good man:

  1. Use smooth hammerite, its not as viscous as the original
  2. Add a splash of thinner (not to much) they do their own but its well expensive, use premium car thinners.
  3. Stand your tin in a bucket of hot (not boiling) water, it will thin the product without altering its properties.
    I would look at using one of the metal paints from Holmans if it were me:
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