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Can I use Perma-white on staircase side panels?

Hi to all

I have sanded down the panels on the side of my stairs and they are now ready for filling and final preparation. It shouldn’t take me too much longer so I want to check on pain now.

I have a tin of Perma-white and I like the finish it gives. I also like it being hard wearing and easily cleaned. Can I use this on the wood? We get a lot of younger family visiting us and it would life much easier. I feel sure it would be okay but I thought I would ask the experts.

Also, I will then sand the walls on the hall landing an stairs. I am think Feelings Interior Paint and would appreciate thoughts on that too.

Thanks to all


i have used feelings paint ,and would be my choice,you could also look at manor emulsion we use that all the time now,with perma white you can use on wood.Reading your post you seem ,you wont to achieve the best finish,myself it may be worth investing in the Wooster dust buster,to remove dust,a wonderful bit off kit would be lost without it,cheers

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Hi Darlic

Thank you for the reply. I have a similar microfibre dust mop left over from when I used to valet and details concourse cars. It looks similar to the Wooster one but mine is oval shaped with a narrow point at one end for the corners.

I like the look of Feelings paint and from what I have read it has a good following and reputation within the profession.

Thanks again


Valeting side off things will help you, with your eye for detail, sounds to me you have the right mindest,but hey goodluck look forward to reading more off your posts.

If you are looking at Tikkurila - then for woodwork I would specify Tikkurila Otex to prime (tinted to topcoat colour) followed by Tikkurila Feelings Furniture Paint… Walls; I would recommend Tikkurila Eko Joker; its a durable “matt” I think that it has a slight sheen, I guess this is durability aspect…

Be aware that if woodwork that is to be painted has a risk of leeching tannins or resins, then a sealer primer such as Pegaprim Isofix must be used for the base coat.

Hope that this helps - anything else please feel free to ask.


Yup permawhite is fine. Pretty tough. Useful for mouldy windows too.


Perma White Semi-Gloss is the best for paintwork for the most hardwearing finish.
I used it a lot on trim a few years back and it worked well. It’s only problem is that over the years the surface becomes slightly waxy in feel and it doesn’t overcoat well with other water based coatings without deglossing