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Ceiling line

When coming across a uneven ceiling line how do you guys deal with it, do you just follow the line as it is, even where there’s bumps from a textured ceiling or is there a quick way to get the ceiling straight to be able to cut in nice and straight?

Some may disagree but if it really is camels back and ruined I’ll get the laser level out, then tape a line on the laser line and make a new perfect line all the way around. I can’t stand wonky lines.


When you tape a line do you check paint for adhesions?would have thought it would be a good idear to go around edge with coverstain,or not,your at the mercy off how good the paint adhesion is, but must say the laser level is a good idear.

If it’s in a period property I’ll go around with 123plus or coverstain as I don’t know what was used/when it was applied. If it’s a modern property normally you don’t have too, but for peace of mind it’s worth it.

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Hi what laser level do you use and how much, cheers jason

Hi what laser level do you use?