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Ceiling prep

Hello chaps.
I have been asked to decorate a kitchen. The down lighters have been replaced recently (two to three months ago) and the electrician has filed the old holes. When I touched the filler it was still soft to the point where I could leave finger nail marks in it. I think it could be Red Devil or something similar. Could any of you suggest the best way to deal with this. I was wondering whether my Toupret filler would adhere if I scraped it back and filled it again.
Also, upstairs has had some water damage to the walls and ceiling and was thinking about using Coverstain before painting with emulsion. Would this be an appropriate solution?
Thanks in advance!

Hi with water damage worth checking with damp meter,myself,i would use zinerser cover up,
this will match most white ceiling paints,but you could use zinerser coverstain.with the filling
lightweight fillers are becoming more populur,i use them more on my jobs now,providing
the surface that has been filled is smooth,just paint it?

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i would remove the offending article as you dont know what problems it may cause in the future and you dont want to be saying to the client that it is because of something someone else has done that will not reflect well on yourself.
touprett will be adequate
and a damp meter is a good call.and after you know if there is a problem with damp. then you can look at paint systems so i would find that out first

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