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Ceiling repair

Hi guys got a difficult repair to do need some advice for best way forward.
I was thinking clean surface, and spot with cover stain ,and fill, what I am
not sure of is getting a ripple effect to match?are there any products out there
that could make it easier and techniques that could help.cheers

I did a similar repair a while back. Clean out the crack and fill it smooth. Once that’s dried mix up a very wet mixture of filler and put it on thick then use a mini roller to go over it and lift up some ridges. You won’t get it to match perfectly but if you experiment you might get it close. Let it dry and then start painting.

I did this for a customer who’d had water leaking through so the patch was about 6 inch square. By the time I had finished she couldn’t see where the damage had been.

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used tx110 for this was very pleased.