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Cement Sheeting with Asbestos?

Hello gents. Going to look at a job next week that’s eaves and soffits on an old church house in East Berkshire. Customer has explained these are made of cement sheeting that contains a “tiny amount” of asbestos.

He says he’s had it surveyed, and the asbestos is apparently so minimal as not to require certification to work with it, as long as it’s wet-sanded.

I’ve never done this before, but I said I’d be happy to take a look (I always do).

Anyone have any experience with this and want to offer some guidance, or should I steer clear? I don’t mind doing something as long as I know what I’m doing, but I don’t crave too much excitement in life…

I’ll get some pictures up next week, but in the meantime, any advice will be gratefully received.

Well it’s kind of up to you what to do. They do all in one chuck away suits and you could stand down wind - and explain to the customer that you are going to do very little prep!

A friend of mine in the asbestos measuring business explained it’s highly unlikely to get any problems from that particular product as the asbestos fibres don’t get far enough into the lungs as they are bound to bits of cement. Still a wee bit of a risk though.

Ideally you would just cover it all up with marine ply - I have saved a lot of time doing that in the past on various exteriors.

Jim Slater is a CDM-Coordinator and Health & Safety Advisor and advises contractors about this sort of scenario.

The original PDF document is available at the bottom to download, and below is the nuts and bolts of the document.

You can contact Jim or follow him on Twitter, he usually has some horror story links where contractors didn’t get H&S right and somone got hurt.

Thanks gents.


Marine ply is a good shout, except I’ve not done that before either! Just painting really. Customer did say the paint is peeling so would need prep, so I am not feeling overly comfortable, even though it’s likely the risk may be minimal.

Might give this one a miss.