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Ceros sander which one?

Hi Guys
I need advice with which one to buy 125mm or 150mm and whats the orbital option?

My background is a general painter and decorator and been using the Mirka Abranet hand system for some time and now decided to up my game to the Ceros system.

Can you get the Ceros without the transformer or is that the Deros?

Does the transformer get in the way?

Many Thanks
Its all very confusing???

Hey Andy!

The DEROS comes with both backing plates (125mm and 150mm)… the CEROS comes with a transformer - the DEROS doesn’t… I had a CEROS and now run a DEROS. For my money I would definitely go the DEROS route; much more comfortable then the CEROS and not having a transformer to bulk around makes it very portable.

The general use orbit option is 5mm (I could be wrong).

Hope that this helps!?

All the best!

Hi Martin
Thanks Martin, is there only one model of Deros and does £369.95 soud about right price wise. Just need to get it right as it a pricey sander.

There is only one model (I believe), but there are a couple of purchase options; the DEROS5650CV is the model; with the two different sizes of backing plate (125mm and 150mm) and the DEROS650CV has only the 150mm.

I initially coupled my CEROS to the Mirka 915 extractor, but found it too bulky (it did work very well though). I now run a FESTOOL CTL Mini with my DEROS, Festool RO90 and Festool RTS 400 - what extractor are you using?

Hi Andy
Excuse me for jumping in, yes there is only one model of DEROS as the base plates are changeable unlike the CEROS, you have to buy a new sander if you want a different size, 77, 125 or 150mm.

I agree with Martin, I would definitely opt for the DEROS over the CEROS as its is more comfortable to use and is actually more efficient at collecting dust as it has a redesigned base plate. it also has a redesigned hose attachment so you don’t need a converter to attache to different manufactures extractors. I would recommend that you get a dedicated extractor as a ‘Henry’ can overheat when used for long periods.

I would also recommend to look at the Festool RTS400 sander for your trim work and for smaller areas. They are both truly great bits of kit and will transform your working practice and the speed that you carry out your prep work.

Nothing posh like the Mirka or Festool , I just use a nilfisk which does the job ok I think.

To be honest with you Andy, the Mirka extractor is made by Nilfisk!

Hi Tony
I really love the Abranet system what system does the Festool use?

Festool sell their own custom made paper etc. called Brilliant 2 (I think!?)… but I prefer to use Abranet on the Festools too.

I use Granat paper on the Festool and Abranet on the Mirka.

Thanks guys.
So if I had to choose one to purchase first, which would you purchase?
A lot of my sanding is trim so would the Festool be better? But saying that I do sand wall prior to painting and in-between coats.
Could you sand tall skirts with the Deros?

Personally, I’d get a DEROS first - its versatile and very powerful!, it will sand walls and tall skirts equally well… when you get a bit of extra cash definitely look at a FESTOOL RTS400 (the new one with the variable speeds). This is the route that I took and it served me well…

Thanks Guys
Just purchased a Deros Sander.


Happy dust free power sanding :smiley:

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Where did you get it from in the end?

Rest Express.

Sander came yesterday, prompt service from Rest Express. Used it this morning and what a great bit of kit.

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Really pleased you took-the-plunge!.. you won’t look back!

I will be visiting the Decorating show in Coventry in November. I am hoping to purchase a Mirka Deros Sander and was wondering if anyone has bought one from there? do they do any good deals? or would it be the same price if i bought from my local dealer/supplier. Thanks.

Hard to tell these days, it seems a bit of a lottery. My first CEROS was an early one so there was a lot of buzz and get them out there attitude at the show, and I think I paid £250 instead of £400 IIRC, but the market is maturing. Ring round a few suppliers to get a benchmark before going to the show. Don’t underestimate these deals with 4 boxes of abrasive thrown in, nice.