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Ceros sander which one?

(andybury) #21

I have had my Deros sander a couple of months now and I can say it the best peace of equipment I have ever bought. You can’t under estimate the advantages of dust free sanding and it has to be a must for all painter and decorator. I’m so impressed by the unit I can’t help myself demonstrating the advantages it to my customers.

(Andy Crichton) #22

Do you charge them for the demo? :smile:

(feva) #23

ive had my ceros for about 3 years now, i bought the full system for just short of £700 well worth it,

just wanted to but in and post this link some people might already know but screwfix sell the bags for the extractor for £15

wont let me post the link but the code is 48124

(mike nash) #24

just used my new deros for the first time ,all was well for 20 mins when it started cutting out ,was using on walls on a low .setting nothing at all strenuous,tried adjusting extractor suction just in case it was that but didnt seem to make a difference,i let it cool down for 20 mins still not great after that,looked up on internet that some people have had problems with motors on these ,anybody had problems with theirs ? maybe there is a trick to using it that im not aware of but surely it should work for more than 20 mins before cutting out !Any ideas or suggestions much appreciated, thanks

(Andy Crichton) #25

I would suggest calling the supplier, it should go for hours.