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Chalk Paint

Amateur here.
I have an old cabinet that I think has been shabby chic’ed with chalk paint. I want to paint over it with eggshell.
Do I need some sort of primer first or can I paint straight over it after prepping the surface?
Many thanks

Hi when you rub your finger over surface what doses it feel like?with the suface you want something that will not absorb top coat to quick,something like coverstain or even better ottex would be perfect surface.I will try and get a photo on so you can see what i mean.

Thankyou. I’ve started now :grin:
I’ve gone for 2 coats of Zinsser BIN. Glad I did because it’s soaking in like nothing else. I also had some filled in spots so I needed something.
I’ll know when I start top coating it whether it’s ok or not!