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Changing charastics of wall

Hi folks, achieving a lovely smooth finish for brush to glide over? Any thoughts? I no gardz can achieve a smooth finish,150/180 abranet,skimming a wall can
also achieve that? Am I missing anything?

get a damp microfiber flat mop and wipe it over your walls once you have sanded them ,this will liquefy the paint particles still left on the wall after sanding, even dustless sanding leaves a residue . before painting any surface it should be free from contaminates this goes for walls too.

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i used the dustbuster,to remove dust,and krudcutter,to clean walls .

between coats ?

No just before painting,in between coats,if sanding a damp microfiber cloth,we use dust free sanding so no real dust anyway.

i also use dust free sanding. but its not actually dust free

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Very true,how do you wipe of dust in between sanding coats tehio?

as i said before with a damp flat mop.