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Choosing a brush/roller?

Hi folks how do you choose a brush roller,what qualitys are you looking for.cheers

Can’t see that there is a definitive answer. The nature of my business means that I work with several trades and work across trades. I don’t think that there is a trade that compares with decorating with regards the turnover of hand tools. Given that and given the number of decorating tool companies now pushing their wares, its down to the individual to find what works for them. I have a friend who will only use pure bristle and never uses a roller. A contractor who works for me, only uses Hamilton sleeves and Wooster silver tip brushes. I don’t like either. I am using Finultra brushes and the Arroworthy micro roller sleeves. Although, whilst I like the products application, I’m not convinced by the quality. Go with what works and provides a finish that you are happy with. If you are happy, I’m sure the client will also be satisfied.

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