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City in guilds wallpapering,or teach myself?

I am thinking about sitting a city in guilds in wallpapering,the company able skills runs a five day course for 495,what do i do.I went to college,many years ago for decorating but couldn’t Finnish the course,due to a marriage break up,my teacher john at Guildford college,said with me i had potential.To go back and do the whole course again seems a waste off time,i still have my work folders,don’t really want to take that route,i am looking to get some work in older park homes,the embossed paper is best suited for these because off the walls,and i have done this before,its easy to use,but not sure if i have enough confidence to achieve a top spec finish at the moment,so what i am thinking about doing is ,making a cubical in my garage like they have at college,and practicing myself get a couple off boards with sockets on and having a couple off practice shots,i am a very tenacious person once i start something i don’t stop,but not sure which route to take. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: any help appreciated,thanks,keep pressing on.

Darlic! Pay attention to your uncle Russ! Please DO NOT throw £500.00 at one of these type of courses. If your a bored housewife that wants to paper the kids bedroom, then fine! If your wanting to be a pro, leave well alone.

These courses are designed to show you basic, I emphasise the word BASIC wall papering, how much practical/hands on experience do you think your gonna get from this? Look at the content of the course:

You will be trained and assessed throughout on your ability to: Identify and use tools and resources Use access equipment Prepare a wall and attached pier Identify and apply varied types of wallpaper Use the correct wallpaper adhesives/pastes Undertake star cuts (light switches/power outlet sockets) Understand health and safety legislation Undertake risk assessments Identify appropriate PPE, Safe working area Tool maintenance and storage Waste disposal in accordance with current legislation.

Of course you WILL pass, you’ve paid £500 quid. Its a box ticking exercise to prove to C&G you’ve been shown each step for the 2 units: These units make up only part of the NVQ2 qualification and although the credits you achieve can go towards your qualification, in theory its not a qualification in its own right! (If that makes sense?)

No disrespect to the guy that would be teaching you (he may be very good at his job) but he has a background in carpentry and painting so is he a chippie, decorator or builder? Trained to NVQ Level 2 and working towards his A1 Assessors award, so he’s not actually qualified to assess your competence, yet! That will probably be done by one of the more experienced and qualified plumbers!

I would do as you suggest and practice in your garage. Invest that 500 in some quality tools and perhaps approach a qualified and experienced decorator in your area, hire them for 1 or 2 days to teach you, “how to hang paper”, keep asking for advice on here and practice, practice, practice.

Im not slating this company or their staff, that would be wrong of me, but I’m starting to get the jist of you Darlic and these courses aren’t for you.

That will be £500 please.

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Oh no, I’ve just read this…does that mean I owe you £500 too Russ lol

Thanks Russ,what quality tools would you recommend?also you tube has some good videos,so i will look there,don’t Dulux do these courses,i no what you mean about teachers,at college one was a general builder,the other,gave us our tools in the class,was to young,to have gained enough to teach,but passed on what he new,and john the head at Guildford at that time,was a real master,wish i had kept in touch with him,looking back,it was a taster,and enjoyed every minute off it.

Olfa knifes and blades are a good starting point 9mm and 18mm, a decent pair of shears, again the Olfa ones are great but your 11" beeline will suffice for now! A decent straight edge, plumb line and spirit level. Decent hanging brush ( 9 Ring Hamilton Perfection) spatula and seem roller (wooden ones work best for me). Obviously a 5M tape and a bucket n sponge, i use a car sponge cut in half as opposed to a decorators sponge as the go bitty after a while.

Practice makes perfect, build your confidence working at home, you cant do any damage! Look for end of roll bins at the merchants or sheds, get used to different papers, matching needs. Muck around with splicing, not just straight cuts, but try some moves :slight_smile: Learning paperhanging is a bit like learning to use a computer. It is good to have someone to point you in the right direction and be “hovering” when you get in trouble, (working with an experienced person is priceless) but you can get a long way practicing alone, only you, the paper and the wall/ceiling - and time to develop an eye for what needs doing.

Be merciless when snagging your self. A TP colleague went to interview a prospective dec to join the group and he spotted 9 wallpapering errors walking in the door. The guy never even saw them as errors. The end game is - if a client sees one error to many, why should they pay you.

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[quote]Quote from darlic on June 24, 2014, 20:07
I am thinking about sitting a city in guilds in wallpapering, the company Able Skills runs a five day course for 495,[/quote]

Out of interest, would you be able to point the Able Skills company you went to see, to this thread, and ask if they would be willing to put their case about what they are offering candidates like yourself for £495?

The gist of replies here is to teach yourself, ideally under the wing of an experienced paperhanger. That may not be an option for everyone reading, so perhaps they can add some meat to the bones and share some of the advantages that they can teach on their courses.


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i am going to practise in front room,three radators,and doors,lots off cutting in ,if the adhesive,gets on the wall docent it become impregnated,and would cause problems when i paint it,or if ,i wipe off will that be OK.Andy i will send able skills a email and ask them to put there case forward on this forum,big thank you to Andy and Russ ,you both have been a big help,what you said Andy that i would build slowly,gave me the boost i needed,since speaking work has come my way.Whats the best adhesive and brush or roller for applying,
let the work begin,looking forward to it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: