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Classidur universal extreme

Got a job coming up one wall is new plaster, and was thinking off using this as wash coat, then manor emulsion?Also got a new plastered ceiling how many coats after wash coat would it take to cover with this stuff. Cheers jason

This post by Andy about Classidur is useful -

Classidur Xtreme isn’t cheap and I wouldn’t normally consider it as my go to paint for a mist coat on new plaster but if you really want a ‘bullet proof’ base coat it is fantastic.

In the majority of circumstances I would just use cheap contract emulsion for your mist coat.

If your ceiling is being finished in white then 2 coats of Classidur gives a lovely finish.

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It does sound a bit OTT for misting a ceiling mate. And the coverage on top is going to depend on what you’re using and how you put it on.

I’m going to have a go testing the Auro plaster primer soon - it’s a bit like Gardz in that it seals and levels with a clear film but obviously that way you are going to need an additional opaque coat to cover.

But I’ve used a cheap contract matt (Armstead) to mist and then one full coat of the same stuff on top and could have left it at that. But Extreme as a mist? You’d get through a lot of that on new plaster I reckon and you’d be paying more for a mist coat than for your tops!