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Cleaning artex / texture plaster prior to painting

Hi everyone

Been asked to quote and a couple of decorating jobs one of them is to paint a kitchen ceiling. It’s quite large, has fake beams and some odd custom built lights.
The bit I’m concerned with is how the heck do I wash it down before painting. The ceiling is artex and it’s very deep… as in the peaks and troughs are very deep, up to 4cm in places. Normally I would sponge but I’m not sure I want to do this in case I end up knocking off lots of the peaks, or even worse damaging my hands on it.

Any ideas? I need to add there is a fancy new fitted kitchen and I will have to work with furniture in room placed in centre where possible.

If its 80’s or earlier then its likely to have an asbestos content. Not that people seem to worry about that, as asbestosis happens to someone else.

Can you seal it in with Zinsser Bin?

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Thanks for replying Howzz

Its post 80’s and I’m not going to be doing anything other than to clean & paint.
Not sure the job can stand the cost of BIN… it’s a large ceiling and for an old lady who’s on a tight budget. I have talked to her and she’s happy to let me have a test clean on a small section in a corner. If that works I’ll then give it 2 coats of Silk as per her request.

Agree to you Howzz :slightly_smiling_face: