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Cleaning ceiling

Hello everybody,
I have to fix a crack in a ceiling tomorrow and re-paint. Could I use Krudkutter original to wipe down the ceiling before I paint it?
Many thanks,

I use kkutter all the time to clean/wash down paint work. Interior and exterior its brill

Yes its OK for ceilings,walls I dilute mine in warm water

Cool. Thanks Mick. Will give it a go later.

If the ceiling is discoloured rather than peeling and falling away, and it is a big ceiling, you could just wash the area you are going to repair to make sure the filler has a good chance. Do the repair and then coat the whole ceiling with 1 or 2 coats of premium stain blocking primer. These primers like the Classidur Extrem look rather stunning as a finish and can eradicate huge amounts of labour intensive cleaning time and effort.


I agree with, Andy. If you use zinsser 123 plus, as a stain block, that would be perfect. As it’s a water based product, with many purposes and it’s a 30 minute drying time with a 6 hour recoat time.

I personally love the classidur paints, I used it a church and the finish was perfect. Takes a little getting use too, but overall a superb range of products.

Hello Andy/Neil,
I have already bought some Zinnser Coverstain and thought I could spot prime the water stains and then paint with emulsion (just bought this also). I will have a look for the Classidur. Should I change the Coverstain for the 123?

It’s a matter of opinion and preference. The coverstain is an oil based paint, where as the 123plus is water based. Also I have found you can get two coats on a ceiling a day if it’s warm inside. I used 123plus on a ceiling that had nicotine staining and yellowing, I cleaned it down with KK first then two coats of 123plus then two coats of Dulux trade emulsion. Came out perfect!

(Also the coving was terracotta. You can see how well it covered with one coat, get two on and it’s quality. Gets rid of smoke stains too)

What the best for cleaning sugar soap or krudcutter.

Might pick up a tin of 123 plus on the way. Thanks again.

Hi Andy this, stain blocking primer is universal, so it covers all stains I take it, eradicates cleaning providing the surface,dosent need filling or isn’t flaking. Cheers Jason

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Hi to all

I have to clean my bathroom ceiling ready for painting with Zinsser Perma-white. Is it a simple case of a brush (multi fibre duster) or should I use some form of cleaner like Krudkutter?



PS There is no mould it is just a bit dull and dusty.

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Hi Dave

No mould is good, wipe off clean as you suggest. If it were mouldy, you would need to use a bleach type product, (not a degreaser).


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HI guys got a 40 foot ceiling to clean it’s Artex going to us krudcutter,any recomendations?got myself some large microfibres cloths ,and have a DustBuster but just looking for some tips.

What are you trying to remove from the Artex ceiling?

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One is Artex and one is ripple,just want to clean surface before painting ,but the size of one of the ceilings is huge .Was thinking of using krudcutter,gloss off. No rinse sound a good idear?

Hi folks got a job where theres smoke stains from radiator its on the wall and ceiling,going to clean with krudcutter,any better product ,also may need a stain blocker ,thought about zinerser
bin but find it not easy to work with any other affordable stain blockers?cheers

Advice needed on cleaning an emulsion wall where dogs have laid thus causing a dirty stain from their coats. Not sure whether it contains grease (not a dog owner) so unsure the best way forward. The walls will be re-decorated with a flat emulsion.
I would also like some guidance on cleaning previously painted dry lining wall which has wallpaper applied but needs removing but feel I cannot apply too much pressure/liquid cleaner due to the dry lining.

Hi folks cleaning ceiling lines tools and methods?