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Clear sealer over oil eggshell painted speaker cabinets

I received this question from Keith, a reader. What can you suggest?

Can you please help me? I am painting my speaker cabinets with solvent based Dulux eggshell paint. I have filled crackes etc with 2 pack filler and fine sanded. I intend to apply at least 4 coats of paint finish to build up a good thickness of colour but I want to give ‘depth’ to the final finish by applying 2 coats of clear seal with a tinter – this to give the look of a commercial sprayed finish. These coats will be applied diluted 10% with white spirit to provide the smoothest eggshell ‘sprayed effect’ finish that I can achieve.

Please can you advise what clear seal to use (assuming an eggshell/ satin finish), is it best to roller apply this and what compatible tinter can be mixed to give me a depth of colour which will be missing if I just finish with the eggshell paint. Can you please also add any advice regarding the application technique.

Many thanks

First, I would substitute one of your topcoats for a high adhesion primer, so you get off to a good start.

The addition of Owatrol rather than white spirit will help your oil finishes considerably.

For application, use something like an Axus lime roller for even layer with very little orange peel, and tip off lightly with a fine touch.

For the tinted clear glaze over oil eggshell, that would be Jason Walker’s department, he has a good one from Sherwin Williams, as long as you aren’t looking at white eggshell.

Andy’s beat me to the Sherwin Williams Ref, Jason sometimes uses it on kichens with good results! Any universal tinter should suffice, I use Wrights of Lymm