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Clogging sander

Hi all.
Have a problem with my Festool sanders whereby the sanding sheets are clogging up so I have to stop and scrape the paint off despite the vacuum attachment. I have used 60 grit to 180 grit on various situations but still a problem. The paint does not clog the vacuum holes up. It happens on both old and newish applied paint on walls and woodwork. Iv’e adjusted the speed from slow to fast but no difference. Advice would be appreciated

yep I’m finding this too with Granat. Have used Festool for 12 years and Granat since it was launched, all was good, but clogging now seems to be a regular occurrence

Have you been in touch with Festool on this matter and if you have what was the outcome. I think will get onto them as it is not right and like you have been using their sanders for years.

Ive found this a problem over the years i think all you can do is degrease and clean the substrate really well before you start to sand and keep your kit as clean as possible, I also think it helps to remove the base plate from the sander now and again and give it a really good clean.
Paul TP Admin

Thanks Paul.
My prepping is pretty good prior to starting but as you say it may help to remove the baseplate and clean it. Seems this is a general problem so we will have to live with it.