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Colour changing paint

Continuing the discussion from Painting tips!:

Dulux MAGIC Matt. Reviews indicate a smelly and quick pink to white colour-changing paint.

There are a few on the US market:

##This “prism” colour changing car paint is way more interesting!

They embed like a chicken wire in the bodywork to carry a voltage, then paint with a coating comprising prisms. (Very non-techy explanation!) As the driver changes the voltage, the prisms in the coating rotate and the colour changes.

##Not convinced by colour changing ceiling paint?

Reading the bumf, it is a product that the manufacturers believe does what it says on the tin. According to some reviews, it seems to go back from white to pink in humid conditions. ]]

Anyone with first hand experience, your input is welcome.

##Not convinced by colour changing cars?

Good. The car is painted with Adobe After Effect!