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Colour matching lacquer paint

Hi all,

Has anyone ever colour matched lacquer paint? if so where?

I have client who wants to use lacquer paint to paint her kitchen cabinets but wants to colour match a farrow and ball paint.

Also, will this require spray painting or can you hand paint.

Your advice is much appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi, if you contact Holman Paints in Swindon they can colour match most products




Thank you Andycrichton.

Hmm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi folks restoring this sink,once its white again,going to try and use rubbing compound to restore shine,but was thinking give the top a wipe with krudcutter,then lacquer, to give it a nice shine, any recommended spray lacquers for sinks.

I don’t have any experience in restoring a damaged ceramic finish. This article covers how to clean ceramic heavily stained sinks that aren’t damaged.

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Thanks Andy no this is plastic, in my experience the pinky stuff is great for removing stains ,on ceramic ,and plastic, but wouldn’t have touch this.I am looking at barkeepers friend which contains oxalic acid,or even oxalic acid itself, and y10 fibreglass stain remover.The Barkeepers could be used on wood,for water stains, but some people swear by mayonnaise never tried it.

Hmm good one! It’s informative too.