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Concrete floor /varnish floor?

Hi folks I have a concrete floor with bitumen on it,it is dry,whats the best way to remove,and best primer to seal it?I also have a wooden floor to restore what would be the most durable varnish,something that will last ten years.Many thanks

If the bitumen is sound and well adhered, I’d consider leaving it. If not then I’d choose mechanically removing, rather than using chemicals or heat. As for priming Zinsser Bullseye 123 plus, you may need two coats - first one to lock the staining and second to prime over that - to be safe leave 24 hours between coats of 123. This method has worked well for me.
For the wood floor, if you want something extra tough Bona Traffic HD, it’s a 2 pack and comes in a variety of finishes.

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Thanks I have a water stain in parquet flooring before using wood bleach was going to try Bar keepers friend,some people swear by mayonase but never tried,if I cant completely remove going to use a wood stain,what colour will cover a small stain best.cheers

Well pleased with finish

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Looks good and well decorated