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Connect Dewalt sander with bag to a hoover

I have bought a george, hoover, for my decorating. Can i get an attachment to put on it so i can fix the pipe to the sander,or is the best way around it just to wrap tape around,

i am also hoping to invest in a mirka sander,whats the best one for general decorating, can you fix or buy an attachment to go on hoover to fix to sander, thank :)guys :smiley: for your help.

Hi Darlic

Do you have an electric sander already with an outlet? If you mean the Mirka hand sander you can get the hose and bung that will fit into your George

Yes i have a De Walt. I need to source a hose.

You may have to make something up yourself, maybe search on ebay for adapters that match your dewault’s diameter?