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Converted garage to paint

Hi guys have a converted garage that’s going to be used as a office, to price, any tips and advice, I guess the first question I have got to ask is about construction,any help much appreciated .

Hi darlic.
The first question that needs addressing is - are the external walls single skin or cavity construction.
If it is cavity construction then you should have no problem with ingress of water/dampness (no guarantee there) however if it is single skin BEWARE. You will have a problem. Presumably the floor is concrete and again possible but not likely, that rising damp may be an issue.
Has the garage doors been removed and bricked up? If not another area were the ‘weather’ could penetrate. Is there a source of heating?
All of these issues you need to establish before you start as it will dictate the type of decorating materials you choose.
I hope this gives room for thought and saves any potential future problems.

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Glixtone Fungi-Shield Anti-Mould & Blackspot Paint is a great product. Really good coverage, reliable, washable, matt and maybe a bit more breathable than the high resin content paints. One of the best products out there IMO.

I am not sure if you could add a tint for a colour, it just comes in white.