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Corona Archer

I was in Brewers today picking up some paint and they had a set of the Corona Archer brushes on the counter. Apparently these were launched at the show back in November which I couldn’t get to.

Not sure if I like the feel of them dry but I wondered if anyone has had a chance to try them properly. For once I was good and managed to walk out without buying a new brush to try :smile:

Then I would recommend that you walk back into Brewers and buy them! They are my go to brush, I use them every day, I cannot recommend them highly enough, they are a great brush very similar to what Purdy were when they were at their best!
The Archer’s are suited to W/B paints, if you use oil then I suggest trying out the chine bristle brushes, such as the Kingston

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No Tony I don’t every touch oils - look at my name :slight_smile: I’ve recently been using a Purdy Sprig for a lot of trim work after not using it for a year. Funny how preferences change with time. So I was thinking of getting some more of those.

But if you think the Corona is up to the Purdy quality I might give them a bash - although I was really after a 2 1/2" which they don’t seem to have, I already have the Kingston which I rather like. Anyway thanks for the heads up - might just go for it.


…Brushes are very subjective - what I like, you may not - I find that the dry test is a precursor to how the brush will perform, if you personally don’t think that you like the feel of the brush dry, then, the chances are that you won’t get on with it in material (paint).

This week I have road tested two brushes for a MAJOR brush manufacturer… I didn’t like the feel of the brushes dry and feedback to the MD of the Company, we talked about the construction, the Du Pont filament choice and so on… I dipped them in paint and my feelings were confirmed; the brushes didn’t perform. Again I did my feedback to the MD and he concurred that he had the same thoughts, but wanted to see what a pro thought???

Long and short, trust your gut…


I think you’re right Martin. I suppose we build a mental database of brush/paint combinations so when we pick up a new brush we have good idea what it’s going to do.

But we all like to play with new toys too - so sometimes we like to buy stuff anyway just to prove ourselves right :slight_smile:


Yep, yep… the Magpie urge is sometimes too strong!

I’m afraid I had to do it - blame Tony :smile:

Not sure about them - it’s a good brush quality-wise and lays off well but it’s just a little too soft for me. Good paint holding and the fullness is close to the original fox but I think the fox allows better control.

Anyway I will use it on skirting and trim but I think it’s better suited to light paints rather than the F&B eggshell I was using with it.

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Yep, thats right, blame the painter!!!

Stick with them, they need a little time to break in and then you’ll be away, I use them in F&B no problem. I agree the Fox (another mighty fine brush btw) is fuller at the tips and the Archer is more tapered which I prefer as it is more suited for laying off.


F&B Estate Eggshell is a bit sticky and I’ve found it will soon gum up softer brushes. It works fine to start with but after an hour or so the brush needs a thorough clean in Brush Wash to clear the oil deposits from the stock.
I like the Archer and the Corona Tyne/Orel range in general. They tend to be the brushes I go to for kitchen work and general trim painting.
I find the Mylands Eggshell a much easier product to use than Estate Eggshell. It’s a bit thinner but I’ve found this helps application enormously. Their Flat Finish is also very good if the customer is looking for a almost zero sheen.

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I have been recently using the Archer and agree with Tony it is similar to the old school Purdy monarch. I have been using the Fox Original and love it ! Its very light and holds loads of paint but is very delicate too. A very versatile brush and great all rounder. Another brush I have used over the past year or so is the Truestar MF. This brush has a nice springy action and nicely tapered. It lays off the paint beautifully water based trim paints.

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I have looked at the Trustar brushes and wondered if they are any good. UK made and a nice handle so if they’re good I might give one a try. Cheers Mark.

Ah - just noticed on PP they are reportedly made in China - so not a priority!

Hi Green Painting, Do you have a link the the post on PPS where they said that they are made in China? I was speaking to the importer of Corona’s today and he said that they are made in Florida and not China so it would be interesting to read the thread.
Thanks :+1: :grinning:

No I was referring to the Truestar brushes. They are sold by a UK company but made in China - I think. I tweeted them but no reply yet. The Archer is made for the UK market but put together in USA as far as I know.

Was using the1.5 inch Archer yesterday on some trim and really liking it so I will persevere with the 2". I just wish they were doing a 2.5".

Sorry my mistake :weary:
Keep going with it as IMO they just need a little breaking in and you have a tip top brush.
Corona do do a 2.5", the only online supplier I’ve managed to find is Decor8 Northern but there website is down tonight! After speaking to Corona, they are in the process of putting some bundles together with the 2.5, so your wish will come true very soon.

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