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Covering difficult colours with primer/sealers

Working as cleverly as possible is going to be my goal, we have a job coming up with a light colour going over a dark colour, I certainly don’t wont to go down the four coats off paint routre.i was thinking off spot priming filler with bullseye that’s been tinted to the colour off top coat, then one coat off bullseye,then two topcoats off emulsion. Or doses this sound better two coats on wall off bull’s-eye which can be recoated in 1 hour ,then two top coats or would I be able to get away with one top coat, any better idears.Are there any other primer/ Sealers that would work better on covering and a problem surface if there is one, or any better ways off dealing with the problem. What colours have you found worst.cheers

I would be using Jonno’s high opacity matt as a base coat or it’ll cover anything completely in 2 and can be used as a finish, job done, though not a particularly durable one.

I thin emulsions down a bit so I can just go straight over fillers with the roller. Don’t you find bullseye is poor for coverage?

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Have you tried tinting the bulls eye to the colour off top coat?i take it your talking johnsons i will look into it…A paint i was recommended to use that would cover in two coats is capronal i did ask for feedback but got no reply’s, the guy that recommended it was a specialist, decorator, but haven’t looked into it any further.

No I’ve not tinted the bullseye I suppose it must cover better. Usually you would be left with a lot of unusable paint at the end of the day.

There seems to be an erroneous idea that you have to seal filler with Bullseye before emulsioning.

Bullseye is a problem solving primer (so-say) and if you follow Zinsser advice, you spot in the problem area with Bullseye and then paint whole surface with Bullseye to avoid flashing of the touch in coat. Depending on colour changes, that 2 stage could be all you need to achieve a solid wall finish, if you like the sheen of Bullseye.

Or go for reliable choice of emulsion and filler. Follow Puma’s advice for ceiling paint, or other reliable acrylic emulsion on walls, 2 coats over non-flashing standard French brand powder fillers, job done.

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I agree with Andy.

I think some of this ‘flashing’ confusion - need to prime white filler with anything other than thinned emulsion, might be from the texture. And sure enough if there is a lot of texture on the walls and you have a flat area of filler it can flash and you can try and marry it up a little before rolling the wall - just going over the flat areas with a mini roller a couple of times - or what ever works!

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